Darwin Supply Ltd - LED bulb distributors

Here at Darwin Supply Ltd, we are currently working with MEKA Electric a leading manufacturer of professional lighting products exporting to over 40 countries globally. Our factory currently supplies bulbs to Aldi and Lidl and enjoys a turnover in excess of $80m


 As you would expect with such a large company we offer ISO 9001, quality management system, TUV/DEKRA/CE/ERP/BSC1/GS and ROHS certification as well as VDE for the LED tubes.


With twenty years of experience we can help you with the order process as well as freight and forwarding while also helping you with your currency management, making the whole process as painless as possible.




If you have little or no experience in importing, have no fear. With many years experience in shipping and freight forwarding we can help you set up the systems to enable you to import your own goods with guidance on shipping, onward delivery, customs clearance, vat deferment and even advice on import finance.

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