Darwin Supply Ltd - LED bulb distributors


Here you will find our pricing matrix. We offer two pricing structures initially. One is for the factory minimum order quantities. The prices quoted are FOB (this is the price of the goods collected from the factory. Next to the FOB prices is an “indication of the prices delivered to you including freight and currency conversion. These will vary as exchange rates and shipping rates vary and depending on your geographic location. The freight costs will slo vary depending on sea freight (45 days) or air freight (7 days).





The second pricing matrix is part of our “consolidated” orders. This is where we gather orders from customers who cannot reach the minimum order requirement. We group these orders together and place a “consolidated order with the factory”. We appreciate that businesses grow and we want to reward loyalty in a competitive market place so once your “aggregated orders” meet the minimum order quantity (as long as this is within one trading year) we will give you a volume rebate.

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